Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond by Brad Lancaster


“Permaculture” produced by Ted Robbins, Arizona Illustrated, September 11,1998. Courtesy of KUAT Communications Group www.kuat.org . This video segment features the rough and early days of my brother’s and my site’s development.

“Saving Water” produced by Tony Paniagua, Arizona Illustrated, November 2, 2005. Courtesy of KUAT Communications Group www.kuat.org. This video segment features my brother’s and my site much matured, along with info on Arizona’s 10-year drought, the need for water conservation, and some ways we’re addressing it.

Desert Living 12-24-2007: Desert Harvesters, Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood, Little Houses, Natural Building Materials
This short video from tucson12.tv touches on a number of juicy things going on in central Tucson. Harvesting street runoff to grow food-producing street trees and then processing the bounty to bring the neighborhood together for a big mesquite milling and pancake breakfast is just some of the good stuff. Check it out by scrolling down to, and clicking on to, the 12-24-2007 Desert Harvesters program.

Brad Lancaster Growing Street Trees with Harvested Street Runoff, Part 1
This short video from SustainableRoute.com shows how we harvest the runoff from the street to passively irrigate street trees shading the street in Tucson, Arizona. Tucson receives 12 inches (305 mm) of rain in an average year of precipitation.

Brad Lancaster Growing Street Trees and More with Harvested Street Runoff, Part 2
This short video from SustainableRoute.com shows how we’ve created urban wildlife habitat, food-production, beauty, living air conditioners, and community in the urban core with rainwater-irrigated street trees. Street trees shading over about 80% of the street can reduce summer temperatures by 10 degrees F. The average residential street in Tucson drains about a million gallons of rain per mile per year. Yet if we instead directed that street runoff to curbside, mulched, water-harvesting basins and native street trees – we could support over 400 trees per mile, or a tree every 25 feet on both sides of the street, just on harvested rainfall and street runoff. Get more information from Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Volume 2: Water-Harvesting Earthworks.

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