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Modern Passive-Solar Design of Willow Bend Environmental Center

This is one of my favorite buildings because of how well—and how simply—it has been designed in relationship with the sun’s seasonally changing path in the sky. I’ve always found it to be very comfortable inside without any mechanical heating or cooling. The photos were taken at noon on the summer and winter solstice to illustrate how well the sun is harvested in winter, and shade is harvested in summer.
Passive SystemsSun and Shade Harvesting

Sun- and Shade-Harvesting Mirror

These images illustrate how a mirror on hinges on the interior of my garottage’s west wall carries out multiple functions: letting us direct the winter sun where we want it, protecting books from sun bleaching, and doubling the view through the window in the adjoining south wall’s door, all while avoiding the unwanted heat gain that would result from a window installed facing the hot afternoon sun in the west. These photos were all taken within one minute of each other on a late morning in winter.
Passive SystemsSun and Shade Harvesting

Ancient Passive-Solar Design

These photographs were taken at various ancient sites on the summer and winter solstices to illustrate these cultures’ wise use of passive-solar design and practice of solar rights.
Passive SystemsSun and Shade Harvesting
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Sun- & Shade-Harvesting Awning & Roof Overhang

This video highlights how properly designed roof overhangs and window awnings can provide free shade and cooling in the hot summer months, as well as maximizing sun exposure and free light and heating in the cold winter months.
Passive SystemsSun and Shade Harvesting

Brad Lancaster’s Urban Permaculture Oasis Homestead Tour – Tucson Arizona.(Part 4)

See how Brad harvests sunshine, shade, rainwater and other free on-site potential to transform relatively lifeless land into a sustainable, interconnected, abundant place to live. (Part 4 of 4)
Active SystemsPassive SystemsSun and Shade Harvesting

Summer Solstice Sun & Shade Trap

See how this layout of trees and cisterns on the west of and house on the north of the garden create an afternoon Shade Trap when the cisterns and trees shade and cool the garden (and front porch) at the hottest time of the day.
Active SystemsPassive SystemsRainwater HarvestingSun and Shade Harvesting
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