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Greywater-harvesting food-producing outdoor shower

Plant your greywater as you shower to grow a fragrant, edible, privacy screen that also feeds & shelters chickens, goats, pollinators, and native song birds.

Two drains, each to a different gravity-fed branched drain system, distribute the greywater to multiple plantings with the free power of gravity. With this system the soil drains well and stays aerobic, greywater does not puddle, and there is no odor.

This simple, inexpensive system (no pumps or tanks) uses common plumbing parts, and no expensive or hard to find valves.

Be sure you pipe maintains a minimum 2% slope — more on how to do this in “Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Volume 2, 2nd Edition

Filmed in winter of 12-2021 in Tucson, Arizona.

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For more info specific to greywater harvesting

Branched drain plumbing

Getting pipe slope right

Flow splitter clean out

Greywater-friendly soaps and detergents

Plants for chickens in the Sonoran Desert

Good & bad plants for goats in the Sonoran & Chihuahuan deserts and beyond

Street runoff harvesting

Sun & Shade Harvesting rainwater cisterns/tanks

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Book Cover #1

Volume 1

See appendix 4 to estimate the water needs of your plants, and thus how much of their water needs could be met by your harvested greywater, and other free on-site harvested waters.

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Book Cover #2

Volume 2

See the greywater harvesting chapter in this book for how to estimate your household’s greywater volumes, and for more key information on how to set up an outdoor shower harvesting its greywater, along with other simple and effective gravity-fed greywater harvesting systems.

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