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We need a smokin’-hot soundtrack to help motivate and lubricate the regenerative movement of working with our neighbors and ecosystems to enhance life and its potential within our communities and throughout our planet.

Click each title to listen to some of my favorites:

Sing Back the River, a beautiful, bittersweet song by Petey Mesquitey about southern Arizona’s Santa Cruz River which used to flow year-round near downtown Tucson. To hear Petey’s introductory story to the song click here.

Rainwater Spiritual, by Gabrielle Pietrangelo of Silver Thread Trio
You can purchase and download the song here

Dry River, by Dave Alvin. This video link enables you to hear one version of the song, but I think his best version is Dry River (Live) from his album Interstate City (Live) which he recorded as Dave Alvin & the Guilty Men. The river in the song is the Los Angeles River in Los Angeles, California.

Rainwater Song, by Leith Kahl, a.k.a. Desert Rat, Brad’s favorite banjo-playin’, story-tellin’ activist

Don’t Waste Your Paste, performed by Mr. Brown from Down Under, warns us not to waste our paste or flush our mush when we could be safely and effectively composting our humanure to enhance the fertility and potential of the living soil-carbon-sponge. Written by Eric Wagner and Diana Daly. Produced by Bradford Trojan.

Water Harvest, by Bradford Trojan, my power-pop/folk, dance-inducing yogi/neighbor. Click here to download the song.

Water, a spoken-word and guitar piece celebrating water, by Deanna Moore of and Jodi Levine of

It’s Coming Down, written by Eric Wagner. Performed by Eric Wagner, Bradford Trojan, Allen Reilley, and Christopher Stevens. Produced by Bradford Trojan.

Spadefoot Puddles, an episode of Petey Mesquitey’s Growing Native podcast, celebrating the monsoon-rain-loving spadefoot toads and their love song.

Do you have a song (or songs) to contribute? If so, please send it to