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Winter-Solstice Solar Arc for Free Harvest of Sun & Heating

See how this ideal orientation of home and landscape trees (within water-harvesting basins) to the sun—plus appropriately sized equator-facing roof overhang—maximizes the on-site potential to freely/passively harvest warming sun and light in winter, generate rooftop-solar power & solar hot water year round, while also harvesting cooling shade in summer.

Compare this Winter video to the “Summer-Solstice Solar Arc of Trees for Free Harvest of Shade & Cooling” video to see how this orientation of home and landscape works for all seasons.

Note 1: Spacing from east wall to east trees is 10′ (3 m). West wall to west trees is 10′ (3 m).
North tree arc of trees ranges from 13′ (4 m) to 20′ (6 m) from the north wall.

Note 2: This video is for 32˚ N latitude.
For sun and shadow paths and angles for other latitudes, plus additional strategies for the free/passive harvest of sun and shadow see the book Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Volume 1, 3rd Edition available at deep discount direct from the author.

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