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Increase your rainwater tank’s capacity and uses

Don’t hoard rainwater in the rainy season – use it!
And do so in multiple, integrated ways that enables the water to do more for you and produce greater abundance.

This video is about how you can increase your rainwater tank’s capacity with multiple strategies such as:
• directing overflow to multi-use rain gardens, so overflow from non-living tank is captured and utilized in living tanks of soil and vegetation (1:45)
• directing overflow to the high point of your landscape for free, gravity-fed distribution of rainwater to maximum area (1:12)
• utilize/consume rainwater from your tanks in multiple ways during the rainy season to drop level of water in tanks, and thereby making more capacity that will be filled in the next rain (2:43).
This can include using rainwater for: Washing/bathing Cooking Drinking (9:45)
Evaporative cooler water supply (rainwater has no salts/minerals, so there is no salt/mineral build up on your evaporative cooler pads, and they last many years longer than they otherwise would). (15:07)
Irrigation (17:29)

This video also shows you how to make your rainwater go further with such strategies as:
• using free power of gravity to distribute your rainwater. So you always have convenient access to the rainwater harvested in your tanks – even if the power goes out. (3:13)
• filtering your rainwater with inexpensive gravity-fed activated carbon water filter so all is safe for drinking and cooking (10:04)
• greywater harvesting. Use your lightly used rainwater AGAIN, by freely directing greywater from sink and shower drains via gravity to various multi-use plantings for free irrigation. (4:45)
• tippy tap rainwater dispenser, which reduces the amount of water used while washing. (18:18)
• how naturally soft (salt- and mineral-free rainwater) can be used as a natural window cleaner and hair conditioner. (12:02 and 12:55)
• subsurface unglazed, low-fired clay irrigation ollas (17:51)
• use of full-port valves to maximize water flow, convenience, and joy. (18:47)
More on full-port valves at:…

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