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Alluvial Fans of the Southwest and their place in our watersheds

This video describes how alluvial fans are formed, their ecological function, how they are eroded with gullies caused by unconscious human actions, and how that erosion can be repaired (and the alluvial fan rehydrated) with strategies such as Bill Zeedyk’s “plug and spread”

For a free downloadable guide by Bill Zeedyk to the plug and spread strategy see link below:

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Book Cover #1

Volume 1

Great overview book for the potential of planting the rain and many other free on-site waters to regeneratively rehydrate us all.

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Book Cover #2

Volume 2

Bill Zeedyk’s “plug and spread” strategy and many others for different contexts are covered in this book. It shows you how to place, design, and implement these strategies; while showcasing them in various case studies to deepen you understanding.

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