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Solar Easements & Solar Rights Resources

Solar rights are cultural and legal rights to access and harness the rays of the sun. They can vary widely depending on where you live and local laws…
Sun and Shade Harvesting

Winter-Solstice Shadow Ratio & Azimuth Table

Determine objects’ shadow lengths and direction on the day with the longest shadows of the year (the winter solstice) using the following table of shadow ratios and sun’s azimuth angles for your latitude…
Sun and Shade Harvesting

Sun-Path Diagrams

Show you: • Where in the sky the sun will be at any time of day throughout the year; • The hours of direct sunlight a building, garden, or surface will receive at any time of the year; • How objects will beneficially or negatively shade a building, garden, or other surface on different dates and/or at different times;
Sun and Shade Harvesting
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