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Multi-drain pipe for laundry greywater harvesting

This inexpensive gravity-fed (no pumps or tanks) system uses common plumbing parts, and no expensive or hard-to-find valves.

Plant your greywater before you plant your higher water use plants (think fruit trees)! That way, you can safely and effectively use the greywater again to grow sustainable abundance!

This system works well for washing machines located within a home—especially when the washing machine is placed against an exterior wall, is in a room having an exterior wall, or there is plumbing access under the floor via a crawl space or basement (these scenarios all offer easy greywater plumbing access).

Note that this system can also work great for letting your neighbors do their laundry at your place (for a small maintenance fee), so they can learn from using such systems, while helping irrigate your plants.
Its worked well for us and them!

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Volume 1

See appendix 4 to estimate the water needs of your plants, and thus how much of their water needs could be met by your harvested greywater, and other free on-site harvested waters.

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Book Cover #2

Volume 2

See the greywater harvesting chapter in this book for how to estimate your household’s greywater volumes, and for more key information on how to set up a multi-drain pipe system for your washing machine.

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