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Case Studies

Harvesting active condensation

Case Studies

Harvesting active condensation—Pearl Brewery, San Antonio, Texas

Pearl Brewery, San Antonio, Texas, USA. 29˚ N Latitude. Elevation: 650 feet (198 meters). Average humidity 54.9%. Average annual rainfall 30 inches (762 mm). Average annual humidity 54.9%…
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Active water harvesting case study

Underwood Family Sonoran Landscape Laboratory. College of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture (CAPLA). University of Arizona. Tucson, Arizona, USA. Latitude 32.2˚. Elevation 2,555 feet (779 meters). Average annual precipitation 11 inches (280 mm). Average annual humidity 29%…
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or If You—and Your Drink—Sweat, Then Harvest Condensate
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Nuestra Tierra Garden at the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona

Harvesting passive condensation

Passive condensation occurs on naturally cool surfaces (surfaces cooler than the air temperature)—no generated power such as electricity is needed to cool the surface on which the atmospheric water (moisture in the air) condenses.

Case Studies

Harvesting passive condensation—dew-harvesting roof in west Texas

Near Study Butte, West Texas, USA. Latitude 29˚ 19’N. Elevation: 2674 feet (815 meters). Average annual rainfall 11.6 inches per year. Average annual humidity 77%.
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Passive condensate harvesting in covered vegetable bed

Cascabel, Arizona, USA Latitude 32.2˚N Elevation 3,195 feet (973 meters) Average annual rainfall 10.28 inches (261 mm) Average annual humidity 36%
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