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Sun-Path Illustrations (southern hemisphere)

The more aware we are of the seasonally changing paths of the sun across our skies, the more effectively we can design in cooperation with the sun for free passive winter heating & lighting, summer cooling & shading, and solar-power systems that are productive year round…
Sun and Shade Harvesting

Night-Sky Harvesting

is the preservation or reclamation of our view of the night sky, and greater safety on the ground…
Sun and Shade Harvesting

How to Make a Bucket Light: A DIY Dark-Sky-Compliant Outdoor Light

These bucket lights reduce light pollution, help restore our view of the stars when used to replace outdoor lights that produce more light pollution, and improve safety on the ground…
Passive SystemsSun and Shade Harvesting
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Blog Entries

What Renters (and Non-Renters) Can Do to Harvest and Enhance Water, Sun, Shade, Wind, Community, and More

Greywater HarvestingNeighborhood Food ForestryPassive SystemsStormwater & Street Runoff HarvestingSun and Shade Harvesting

My Trip to Iran by Invitation of the Iranian Rainwater Catchment Systems Association

Passive SystemsRainwater HarvestingStormwater & Street Runoff HarvestingSun and Shade Harvesting
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