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Human-made fog-harvesting sails
August 27, 2021

Nepal, Guatemala, Eritrea. The YouTube video From Thin Air features the FogQuest effort to provide drinking water from fog with manufactured fog-collecting screen sails and gutters below… Efforts are underway to improve the efficiency of…

Fog-harvesting Namibian beetles
August 3, 2021

Coast of Namibia. Latitude 18˚ 58’S to 16˚ 56’S There are a number of different fog-harvesting beetles such as Stenocara gracilipes in the dry, yet fog-rich, coastal area of Namibia. All the beetles…

Fog-harvesting coastal redwood trees
May 21, 2021

Northern California, USA. 0.46 mile (0.75 km) from coast. Latitude 41.3˚ N. Elevation: between 154 – 626 feet (47-191 meters) A study in northern California found that on average 34% of the annual…