Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond by Brad Lancaster

Volume 3

Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands & Beyond,

Volume 3:

Roof Catchment and Cistern Systems

Rainwater Vol 3 Cover revised 1-29-13.indd


Cisterns harvesting runoff from rooftop catchments have the potential to harvest the highest quality rainwater runoff on site, and allow for the greatest range of potential uses for that water. Water uses range from irrigation to fire protection, bathing, and washing, as well as potable water for drinking.

Building on the information presented in Volume 1, this book shows you how to select, size, design, build, or buy and install cistern systems harvesting roof runoff. Guiding principles unique to such systems are presented along with numerous tank options, and design strategies that will improve water quality, save you money, reduce maintenance, and expand the ways you can use your tanks and the water harvested within.

Additional information includes:

  • How to size gutters and downspouts
  • How to turn a drain pipe into a storage tank‚ or how to build culvert cisterns
  • How to retrofit new ferrocement septic tanks for cistern use
  • How to create a gravity-fed drip irrigation system for use with above-ground tanks
  • How to create a pump-fed drip irrigation system for use with below-ground tanks
  • System setup, maintenance tips, and water treatment options
  • More than 60 illustrations and photographs

Book specifications:

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