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Passive condensate harvesting in covered vegetable bed

Cascabel, Arizona, USA
Latitude 32.2˚N
Elevation 3,195 feet (973 meters)
Average annual rainfall 10.28 inches (261 mm)
Average annual humidity 36%

David Omick and Pearl Mast are wonderful practitioners of productive and joyful simple living.

You can see many examples of this on their website,

Below are images of how their raised vegetable bed (raised to prevent predation by javelina) harvests moisture condensing on the underside of the plastic used to cover and protect the garden in the cold winter months.

Condensed moisture drips off the plastic back into the garden soil, or runs down the plastic with much of it going back into the garden soil.

Water drops have condensed on the underside of the plastic protecting the raised vegetable bed from the winter cold. David Omick is in light-colored hat standing between his tiny home and the raised garden bed.
Photo: Brad Lancaster

Plastic covering pulled back from the garden bed. Pearl is in the peach shirt.
Photo: Brad Lancaster
Drops of condensed moisture on the underside of the garden’s protective plastic covering. Rock in plastic weighs the plastic down to keep it in place.
Photo: Brad Lancaster

Plastic-free options

It would be great to explore non-plastic condensate- & dew-harvesting coverings, or even living coverings—examples of which you can see here.

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