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Tour of Tucson water-harvesting sites

These are some of the water-harvesting sites that have informed and/or inspired my water-harvesting work, or are sites in which I’ve (and often others too) designed and/or worked on the water-harvesting systems. There are far more sites than this, but here I list some of the more accessible ones.

If virtually touring these sites, use/click on the Google Maps Satellite view option, rather than the Map view (see upper left corner of map), since the satellite view enables you to see more of the natural land form and vegetation — more of the living aspects.

Click on the various site location links below the map for each site’s story, photos, and more.

If you want to visit sites in person, read the Where sections at the bottom of each location link below to see if it is an open site or if you need to arrange a tour.
Then click the SAVE button beside the link of the locations you want to visit, and a custom map will be generated for you based on your preferred mode of transport (by foot, by bicycle, or by car).
If you want to delete any sites from you list, just hit the SAVE button again to UNsave it.


For a few additional water harvesting sites not in Tucson, check out the following links…
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