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Tour of Tucson area natural oases

There used to be far more of these natural oases in the Tucson area, so it is essential we preserve and enhance those that remain. They are amazing sites to learn of the natural abundance and diversity that is possible here. I get inspired every time I visit them, and I always study what plants grow and thrive in what microclimates, so I can learn to situate various species in their preferred microclimates within the built environment when creating designs or consulting for others. This is an incomplete list of the area oases, but includes some of the most accessible.

If virtually touring these sites, use/click on the Google Maps Satellite view option, rather than the Map view (see upper left corner of map), since the satellite view enables you to see more of the natural land form and vegetation — more of the living aspects.

Click on the various site location links below the map for each site’s story, photos, and more.

If you want to visit sites in person, click the SAVE button beside those site location links, and a custom map will be generated for you based on your preferred mode of transport (by foot, by bicycle, or by car).
If you want to delete any sites from you list, just hit the SAVE button again to UNsave it.