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Brad Lancaster’s Urban Permaculture Oasis Homestead Tour – Tucson Arizona.(Part 4)

See how Brad harvests sunshine, shade, rainwater and other free on-site potential to transform relatively lifeless land into a sustainable, interconnected, abundant place to live. (Part 4 of 4)

Brad lives in Tucson on a verdant 1/8th of an acre in an area with a metro population of nearly 1 million people. Brad has applied low tech, low cost solutions to create an off-grid life, while surrounded by grids and people leading typical lifestyles for this time.

Brad shares how the principles he applied to his property can be applied to public streets and public lands, transforming them into an urban oasis in a very dry desert climate.

Specific topics of interest, and where in video they appear:
00:28 Household solar power plant & carbon offset program
1:30 Solar rights
2:44 Solar design
6:30 Solar hot water
7:07 Solar planning for winter and $20 homemade solar oven
8:28 Solar oven
9:14 Passive sun/shade harvesting system

Active SystemsPassive SystemsSun and Shade Harvesting