Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond by Brad Lancaster

Greywater Resources


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Greywater and Your Detergent, prepared by the Office of Arid Land Studies in cooperation with the Soil, Water and Plant Analysis Laboratory, University of Arizona. A handy pamphlet comparing the performance of various detergents dissolved in greywater used to irrigate a landscape.
Sponsored by Tucson Water: (520) 791-4331

Create an Oasis with Greywater: Choosing, Building, and Using Greywater Systems – Includes Branched Drains, by Art Ludwig. Oasis Design, 2006.  Presents a wide array of greywater-harvesting options. This is my favorite greywater-harvesting book.
Oasis Design, 5 San Marcos Trout Club, Santa Barbara, CA 93105-9726
Click to visit this book’s page on (and order the book from) Art’s site: Create An Oasis With Greywater

Greywater Guidelines, by Val L. Little.
Arizona greywater guidelines.

Water from the Sky, by Michael Reynolds. Solar Survival Press, 2005. This book has wonderful examples of rooftop rainwater harvesting systems that recycle the used rainwater (greywater) through planting beds in greenhouses before using it yet again for the flushing of toilets in the homes from which the rainwater was originally harvested.

Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands, Volume 2: Water-Harvesting Earthworks, by Brad Lancaster. Rainsource Press, 2008. A chapter of this book is devoted to simple and effective earthworks and greywater plumbing strategies blending rainwater- and greywater-harvesting within home landscapes.

Online Resources

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Great resources for greywater, including various systems and greywater volume estimates.

Art Ludwig’s website, probably the most comprehensive web resource for greywater. You’ll find plenty more information relating to water and ecological design.

Instructions for new easy-to-install greywater system for washing machines that uses irrigation tubing and the force of the washing machine’s built-in pump. It is called: Laundry to Landscape Greywater System, Laundry to Mulch Basins Greywater, and a Drumless Laundry Greywater System

A resource on greywater marshes.

Using Gray Water in New Mexico’s Residential Landscapes

Greywater Soaps and Materials

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Oasis Soaps:
Biocompatible Laundry Detergent &
Dishwash/All-Purpose Cleaner


Tucson, AZ
Food Conspiracy Co-op, 412 N 4th Ave
(520) 624-4821

Greywater 3-way diverter valves

Any pool and spa supplier selling 3-way Jandy valves

Online or Mail-order
Jandy Products, PO Box 6000, Petaluma, CA 94955
(800) 227-1442

Tucson, AZ
Catalina Spas and Pools, 4001 N Runway Dr
(520) 888-4181

Greywater flow splitters (double ells)

For flow splitters with ready-made inspection ports see Oasis Design’s Flow Splitters/Double Ells


To make your own double-L or Y-style flow splitters see any of your better-stocked local plumbing supply outlets, and follow the directions in Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Volume 2, on how to make your own inspection ports.

To make your own flow splitters obtain a double-L or Y-style ABS fitting from any well-stocked locally-owned plumbing supplier.

Tucson, AZ
Plumbing Suppliers Inc., 2555 E Grant Rd

Nogales, AZ
Discount Plumbing, 18 E Monroe St
(520) 287-3900

Spa-flex greywater hose

One-inch (30-mm) minimum diameter spa-flex PVC hose does not kink and clog like garden hose and works great for above-ground moveable greywater hose. A press-fit adapter bushing/fitting makes the transition from rigid ABS pipe to the spa-flex hose. Hose lengths should be no longer than needed, and the slope should be kept as constant as possible so air and water can drain freely. Spa-flex hose is available in a number of colors.

Pool and spa suppliers

Online or Mail-order
Pacific Echo, Inc., 23540 Telo Avenue, Torrance, CA 90505
(800) 421-5196

Greywater leaching chambers

(otherwise known as “infiltration chambers” or “subsurface outlet chambers”)

Infiltrator Systems, Inc.
I recommend their standard Quik 4 chamber that is only 12 inches tall, thus you distribute more of the greywater in the upper 2 feet of soil where you have the greatest amount of root growth and uptake of the greywater. Other, taller chambers distribute the water deeper in the soil, and less water is then utilized by adjacent plantings.

Phoenix, AZ
One Stop Septic Shop
(623) 572-6699


Nogales, AZ
Arizona Sonora Supply, 483 East Patagonia Hwy (Hwy 82)
(520) 287-2268

For plastic 30- or 55-gallon barrels to make your own chambers, try asking at feed stores or soda/juice bottling companies

Greywater hydrator kit

Tucson, AZ
The hydrator is a ready-made kit of flex tubing, clamps, and valves you can hook up to your washing machine drain pipe, the sewer drain, and your landscape. It enables you to direct greywater to the sewer or the landscape with the turn of a valve. Call James Leckie at (520) 975-5405.

Outdoor Shower Kits

DIY/Most major cities
Outdoor showers are an easy way to access shower greywater seasonally for the landscape, especially when shower drains in the home are otherwise inaccessible. One of the cheapest and easiest showers is made by throwing a hose over a branch of a tree needing greywater, so you can bathe within a mulched basin. Get a garden nozzle that doubles as a showerhead such as the Orbit/SunMate brand 10-pattern aluminum torret torch available at Target www.target.com.

Outdoor showers can be much less expensive (and often more creative) if you make them yourself, but the following suppliers make kits. To recycle the greywater, place the kits within mulched and vegetated basins or direct the shower water to such basins.

Wooden outdoor shower

Stainless steel outdoor beach and pool showers

Pila wall-mount dual-supply (hot/cold) outdoor shower

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