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Greywater-Harvesting Research

The following make the case for greywater harvesting, and inform good policy…

• “Residential Graywater Reuse: The Good, The Bad, The Healthy,” June 2000, Water Conservation Alliance of Southern Arizona.

This study found that 20,000 to 30,000 households (40,000 to 80,000 people) in Pima County alone were likely harvesting greywater illegally without permitted systems. The state of Arizona’s permit process at the time was very onerous and expensive, contributing to people ignoring it entirely.

Thus this study led to the creation of simple greywater-harvesting guidelines that apply throughout the state of Arizona. As long as those guidelines are followed no permit, inspection, or fee is required.

As a result, people now utilize and practice the state’s guidelines as opposed to ignore them.

The study also does an analysis of greywater quality and quality of soil irrigated with greywater, and helped inform the state’s greywater-harvesting guidelines.

Research to debunk exaggerated “assumed health risks” of greywater

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Greywater Harvesting