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Greywater-Harvesting Plumbers & Landscapers

See below for both installers of in-house greywater plumbing and landscapers familiar with greywater harvesting who can design and implement the associated planting, earthworks, and outdoor plumbing…

If services are not specified, contact the provider for details of what they offer.

Note: the better you understand what you need – the better. That way you can convey this to those you hire, and better ensure they do things right. That’s why I highly recommend you read the greywater-harvesting chapter of “Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Volume 2, 2nd Edition” by Brad Lancaster and “Create an Oasis with Greywater” by Art Ludwig before you begin.

Note that I find gravity-fed, tankless  greywater-harvesting systems, such as the “branched drain” system are the lowest maintenance, least expensive, and most efficient greywater systems. These are the systems advocated and described in the books above. Make sure the designers or installers you hire are familiar with these systems along with greywater stubouts.

Tanks and pumps significantly increase cost and maintenance.

For just the harvest of laundry washing machine greywater, make sure you and your installers are familiar with BOTH the gravity-fed “multi-pipe” drain system fully described in the greywater chapter of Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Volume 2, 2nd Edition, and the laundry to landscape (L2L) system fully described in Art Ludwig’s “Create an Oasis With Greywater”, which uses the washing machine’s pump and gravity. Depending on you site, one or the other may be your best option.

UNITED STATES (nationwide)

Greywater Action has a more extensive list of trained greywater-harvesting designers/installers across the country at:

I list those I’ve worked with below:


Cottonwood, Cornville, and Sedona
Tom Crawford
of Arrow Plumbing
Tom can do your collection plumbing within or under the house, then a greywater-friendly landscaper can connect Tom’s work to mulched basins within the landscape.
928 634-4003


Mountain High Plumbing

Mountain High Plumbing can do your the collection plumbing within or under the house, then a greywater-friendly landscaper can connect the plumbing work to mulched basins within the landscape.
928 774-3593


Macrae Nicoll
of High Desert Rainwater Harvesting

Kaylee Colter

Clay Brown
Indoor and outdoor plumbing work.
520 331-5656

Guy Cloutier
Guy is an all-around handyman, but very busy so book him early.
520 991-4930

Desert Sky Home Repair, LLC
520 622-0607

Tom Perisin/Midtown Plumbing 

Drylands Design/Jeff Rhody

Emma Stahl-Wert

Native Roots Landscaping/Omar Ore-Giron

Productive Patches

Mark Ragel/Water Harvesting International
A full-service, licensed, bonded, and insured water-harvesting contractor and consulting company, WHI offers a range of services from consultation to installation of turnkey greywater systems or components, including design of low-maintenance systems, new and retrofit installations, and maintenance on existing systems. They also provide cistern design/engineering/installation, irrigation, swimming-pool conversion, and pumping & filtration services – see those sections of this website, visit their website, or contact them for details. WHI works directly with homeowners, general contractors and architects.

Nichols On-Site Engineering
Soil assessment for Kitchen Resource Drains
(520) 743-1565


This site is a comprehensive information center for efficiency, rainwater, graywater, stormwater and black water management, capture and reuse.  You can find Products and Services from around the state and country, links to Rebates and Incentives, a Calendar of statewide water events, Tips, Best Practices, Demonstration Projects, Films, Blogs, an Art Gallery, and much more.

Central Sierra/Groveland, CA
Watershed Progressive

Los Angeles area
Greywater Corps

Oakland/Bay Area
Christina Bertea Plumbing
A member of Greywater Action, Christina’s services include interior greywater plumbing and the distribution in the garden, specifically, Laundry to Landscape and Branched Drain systems.

Greywater Action, formerly known as Greywater Guerrillas

San Diego

Monty’s Plumbing

Santa Barbara
Wilson Environmental Landscape Design

Southern California
Daniel Aaron Francis Design & Consultation


Colorado Greywater

New Mexico

El Paso
High Desert Native Plants LLC

Green Energy Now
Asher Gelbart

Santa Fe
San Isidro Permaculture
A sustainable landscaping consultancy firm with a strong focus on water systems such as rainwater catchment and greywater reuse.

Ecoscapes Landscaping

The RainCatcher

North Carolina

A to Z Plumbing Contractors, Inc.


TerraSophia LLC

For more on the recommended greywater-harvesting practices and installation and design how-to info see the greywater chapter of  Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Volume 2

Greywater Harvesting