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Daylighting buried waterways—show the flow—image gallery

De-pave and re-enliven…

Daylighting the Cheong Gye Cheon River
in Seoul, South Korea

Daylighting one city block of buried waterway
at Los Angeles Ecovillage, California

Daylighting section of Dolph Creek
at Headwaters Project in Portland, Oregon

Daylighting flows upstream of Dolph Creek
within the Headwaters Project development,
Portland, Oregon

These flows, denoted by blue arrows, can eventually overflow as surface flow into the daylighted section of Dolph Creek in a big storm event. But the vast majority of the flow is infiltrated within, and filtered by, the vegetation and living soils of the water-harvesting landscape.

The rapid infiltration of the stormwater into the soil and plants, along with the slow release, or lingering, of that moisture long into the dry season; reduces flooding and minimizes drought, while enhancing the health and water flows of the creek and its groundwater table.

The flow is all visible. It is not buried and hidden. This saves a lot of money and resources, enlightens/teaches those that interact with it, and grows a lot more life and potential.

Showing the flow along public street and walkway near the Headwaters Project, Portland, Oregon

Daylighting the flow
within a public water-harvesting park
next to the Headwaters Project, Portland, Oregon

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