Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond by Brad Lancaster


Brad loves to live, share, and listen to a good story.

is a story told by Brad at Odyssey Storytelling’s Chill-themed event in December 2019. To listen to the whole show at the Odyssey Storytelling podcast here. Brad’s story starts at minute 37, 16 seconds.
The last line of the story, which Brad forgot was, “I know I’ll struggle, I often do, but its worth it as it leads to rewards, such as a neighborhood parties at the fireman’s pole.”

Getting There
is a story told by Brad at Odyssey Storytelling’s Transformation-themed event in September 2017. To listen to the other participants’ stories, visit the Odyssey Storytelling podcast here.


is a story by Brad Lancaster which he recounted at the “natural”-themed Odyssey Storytelling event on October 6, 2016. For more on some of what Brad relates in his story, read his blog entry Green Burials. You can listen to the story by hitting play below, or at the Odyssey Storytelling podcast.


is a story by Brad, recorded as part of Odyssey Storytelling’s “home”-themed October 1 , 2015, storytelling event in Tucson, Arizona. You can listen to the story by hitting play below, or at the Odyssey Storytelling podcast.

As Brad went over the allotted 10 minutes, the end got a little rushed and he forgot the italicized lines below. The story is fine without them, but Brad shares them here as he feels they add something key to the story.

…the MC and his sidekick that would be wrestling with one another, trying to kill one another. And then the raunchy cheerleaders, new mothers that would [perform] their cheer and as soon as they were done, they would lift up their shirts, grab their breasts, squeeze them, and spray the audience with mothers’ milk.

And what were these folks competing for? A styrofoam goose painted gold that they could hold onto for only a month, after which it would go to the next month’s winner. Oh, and they also got a dumpstered salmon steak they could keep.

I loved this.

There was so much depth, life, potential in the neighborhood.

I was so grateful for the people that shared it, that challenged me to care for it, to contribute to it, and who lived it.

Thanks to that, I found home.

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