Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond by Brad Lancaster

Rainhead Downspout Screens & Gutter Screens

United States

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Your local sheet metal shop
If you bring them a good design they can likely fabricate it for you. See here for some designs.

Loomis Tanks

Rain Harvesting
Manufacturer of a simple, relatively self-cleaning Leaf Eater and Leaf Beater rainhead filters designed to filter large debris before water gets to the cistern. Can be used for above and below ground tanks. Other filters and gutter screens are also available. In the US, these rainhead screens are also sold by Loomis Tanks.
www.rainharvesting.com (US)
www.rainharvesting.com.au (Australia)

Rain Tank Depot

Rain Technologies
Manufacturers of award-winning, sustainable products for collecting, storing and using rainwater. These innovative products include those for gutter filtration, as well as subsurface mass storage chambers. RainTube is Cradle to Cradle certified and NAHB GREEN PRODUCT approved, producing LEED points in several categories.

Resource Conservation Technology, Inc
Supplier of a number of well-made, relatively self-cleaning German filters meant to filter large debris before water gets to the cistern. These are primarily meant for underground installation.


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High Desert Rain Catchment


Loomis Tanks
They carry RainHarvesting brand Leaf Eater and Leaf Beater rainhead screens.
(866) 883-8265

Tony and George are currently the local go-to guys for fabricating high-quality metal rain head screens.
(520) 887-2926

Advantage Air Mechanical
They can fabricate metal rainhead screens, metal cistern lids and more.
(520) 792-1200

Quick Custom Metals

They can fabricate metal rainhead screens.
(520) 888-7313


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Loomis Tanks

A clearinghouse-in-progress of all California service providers and California (and beyond) products for rainwater, greywater, storm water and black water for the residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural sectors. This includes xeriscaping and water-focused landscaping products and service providers.

New Mexico

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Loomis Tanks

WaterMart of New Mexico, Inc.

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