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Create Your Own One-Page Place Assessment

In these instructions we outline where we found the information used to compile the Tucson One-Page Place Assessment, offer tips for using these resources, and provide suggestions for how you might track down the data to complete your own One-Pager. The resources for different cities and regions will, of course, vary; the ones given are examples of what to look for and how to evaluate the data you find. Note: In order to see what resources we used for the One-Pagers we’ve already created for locations in various countries, you can look in the One-Pagers’ References sections to see whether these resources might also provide the data needed to create a One-Pager for a new location in that country.

Click here to download the PDF (about 4 MB):
Creating a One-Page Place Assessment (updated May 7, 2017)

If you would like a copy of the Excel template we use to create one-pagers—so that you can create your own—please send an email to admin@harvestingrainwater.com.

If you want a One-Page Place Assessment for a particular location, but would prefer to outsource its research and creation, this is a service we offer! A fee of $200 includes up to 5 hours of research (which is sufficient for the average city). When additional is time required to locate all available data, this is billable at $30/hour. Send us an email to inquire.

(Last updated July 7, 2015)

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