Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond by Brad Lancaster

Greywater Harvesting

Rain- and greywater-harvesting garden on periphery of small yard in Tucson, AZ. Roof runoff is directed to basins via a downspout, then pipe (beneath the path—see dotted blue flow arrow). Kitchen-sink dark-greywater is directed to basins via a branched-drain pipe system (purple dotted pipe). Washing-machine greywater is directed to basins via a multi-drain system (purple dotted pipe). With each load of laundry the washing machine’s drain hose is rotated from one greywater drain to the other (each discharging greywater to a different section of a mulched basin and its plantings). Greywater is discharged to multiple points, rather than one, to ensure soil stays aerobic and odor-free. All systems use gravity to distribute the water for free. Thus all pipes maintain a minimum 2% slope (1/4-inch drop per horizontal foot, or 2-cm drop per horizontal meter).


As to the links below:
Begin with Stub Outs if building a new home or doing a major retrofit or add-on.

The Plumbing section gives you additional images and installation tips for some of the different systems described in the book.

The Greywater Laws, Ordinances, and Guidelines are some of my favorites which can also be used as templates informing policy change elsewhere. The same goes for the Financial Incentives & Tax Credits section.

The Greywater Compatible Soap & Detergent section will inform your product choices, so you don’t harm your plants, soil, or self.

The Greywater Handbook of Santa Barbara County is a free downloadable guide I collaborated on with Art Ludwig. It offers an integrated approach and the new potential that comes with it.

All of the linked resources are meant as supplements that build on the info in the greywater chapter and appendix in Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Volume 2

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