Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond by Brad Lancaster

Greywater Harvesting

Rain- and greywater-harvesting garden on periphery of small yard in Tucson, AZ. Roof runoff is directed to basins via a downspout, then pipe (beneath the path—see dotted blue flow arrow). Kitchen-sink dark greywater is directed to basins via a branched-drain pipe system (purple dotted pipe). Washing-machine greywater is directed to basins via a multi-drain system (purple dotted pipe). With each load of laundry the washing machine’s drain hose is rotated from one greywater drain to the other (each discharging greywater to a different section of a mulched basin and its plantings). Greywater is discharged to multiple points, rather than one, to ensure soil stays aerobic and odor-free. All systems use gravity to distribute the water for free. Thus all pipes maintain a minimum 2% slope (1/4-inch drop per horizontal foot, or 2-cm drop per horizontal meter).

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