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Self-guided water tours (virtual or in person)

by Brad Lancaster,

I’ve created Tucson area self-guided tours of natural oases, diverse water-harvesting sites, along with historical and contemporary sites of water management and mismanagement—all of which strive to deepen your understanding of place, local challenges, and the potential to more consciously contribute to greater hydrological and community health. These sites have all done so, and continue to do so, for me.

And even if you’re elsewhere, you can use these tours as a template for your place. A similar one in Portland, Oregon inspired me.

Water-harvesting basins extended to driveway dip in street curb to allow street runoff to freely irrigate street-side plantings. Photo: Brad Lancaster

The sites on these tours are meant to get you to think, and to look with a more critical and observant eye. As you tour these sites, ask yourself and others what aspects are working, and which are not. Then ask why that is, and how things might be tweaked for greater potential, and how the working aspects might inform solutions and evolution for the aspects that aren’t working—on-site or elsewhere. The goal is to keep evolving and better collaborate with the living systems that sustain all life.

You can tour virtually or in person.
And periodically revisit the tours, as more sites will be added.

See the tours here