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Rainwater is the best water for your evaporative cooler & your living, evapotranspiring coolers

Brad Lancaster shows you why salt-free rainwater is the best water for manufactured evaporative coolers (sometimes called “swamp coolers”), and living evapotranspiring coolers in the video below…

You never get any salt or other mineral build up on your evaporative cooler pads when rainwater is your water source (unless you are right by a large body of salt water from which winds and storms could pick up and deposit salts).
And salt-free, nitrogen-rich rainwater is also the best water source for your plant and soil life.

This video also gives you tips on cooler placement for greater cooling efficiency – whatever your water source.

The video was shot in the dryland city of Tucson, Arizona where average annual precipitation is 11 inches. Filming was done May, 2022 at the beginning of our hot, dry season. Summer rains usually come the end of June or early July.

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Evaporative coolers made by Bill Cunningham

For the energy costs of air conditioning condensate and other waters,
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