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Brad Lancaster Wins 2014 Bicycle Commuter of the Year along with Juan Mungia

Brad Lancaster wins 2014 Bicycle Commuter of the Year along with Juan Mungia

Said of Brad upon presentation of the award:
For years Brad has lived car free. He conducts all his local business by bicycle, and uses a bicycle for other kinds of trips most of us don’t think of as bikeable (including picking up friends from the airport after dark!). He is a role model because he is so consistently visible on the street. It’s one thing to ride a bike to and from work, but Brad thinks waaaay outside the box, and inspires many of us to go beyond our regular commute and see a bike as not just a supplemental form of transportation, but the primary form of transportation. I personally want to add that Brad is the only guy I know who knows the deal with long term bike parking at the airport.
Brad, nephew Vaughan, and Brad’s Xtracycle Freeradical. Photo by Michael McKisson of Tucson Velo.

Brad says:
See here for more about my bicycling lifestyle.

Check out clips from the amazing cargo-bike documentary Less Car More Go to see how many others do it, then please contribute to their kickstarter campaign! I did because I believe seeing in the full-length version of this film what is so possible and joyous will enable myriad others to do the same and more!

My Xtracycle cargobike revolutionized what I could do on a bike.

Finally, I would like to thank all those making everyday cycling more doable and enjoyable for all. This includes everyone who rides a bike, promotes cycling, and hometown heroes such as the folks at Cyclovia Tucson, Living Streets Alliance, Tucson Velo, BICAS, the volunteers on the Bicycle Advisory Committee, and our bicycle/pedestrian coordinator Ann Chanecka.