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Drops in a Bucket – welcome to my new blog

Hey Harvesters,

Welcome to my new blog, “Drops in a Bucket.”

I call it “Drops in a Bucket” because it represents a celebration of those wonderful little efforts that lead to great things. In the beginning those small efforts often seem like little more than a drop in a bucket. However, this is great if they’re drops in the bucket of abundance. With enough drops we’ll fill the bucket! A drop in a bucket is a problem only if it’s a drop in the wrong bucket – the bucket of scarcity.

This blog will focus generally on the harvests of water, sun, soil, community, and food that help fill that bucket of abundance regeneratively. Good food is key to bringing good people together. To grow that food we need water, sun, soil, and those wonderful people. My intent is to create a party of ideas and examples to inspire and challenge. My hope is that it will help plant many seeds to enhance good efforts already in the works and to influence positive change on the local level, simultaneously affecting the global.

I plan to update this blog at least once a month, but depending on the harvest, it may happen more often. I hope you like it.

– Brad