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Contemporary Water-Harvesting Art

For a short video of an amazing assortment of musical-instrument downspouts in the Kunsthof-passage of Dresden, Germany, click here. And for an impressive, engaging body of work by artist Stacy Levy, whose work…

Curb Cuts & Curb Cores for Street-Runoff Harvesting
January 5, 2022

Arizona PhoenixConcrete Coring Company(602) Southwest Curb CutErnie Hey(602) 550-4085 TucsonCustom Saw Cuts(520) 624-2191 Tucson Concrete Cutting and CoringGlenn Van Houten(520) 747-7364 California WhollyH2OThis site is a comprehensive information center for efficiency, rainwater,…

Water Harvesting Calculations
January 4, 2022

Water Harvesting CalculationsWater Harvesting Calculations, Appendix 3 of Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Vol. 1 Rainwater Harvesting Nomogram for Tucson, ArizonaThis diagram and a ruler can determine optimal sizes of rainwater tanks…