Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond by Brad Lancaster

Wholesale Orders

Wholesale Ordering Information

NOTE: This only applies to stores/entities looking to purchase my books at wholesale in order to resell the books at their listed retail price.

If you simply want to purchase my books for yourself or others at my web shop’s sale price – just order through my web shop, and ignore this section.

Thank you for your interest in the wholesale purchase the new full-color, revised editions my books, Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Volumes 1 and 2!

By ordering here, you buy directly from, and best support, the author.
No middleman takes a cut, so Brad can invest more into the creation of additional publications and free online educational resources.

To qualify for wholesale rates through Brad’s self-publishing house, Rainsource Press, your non-bookstore entity must order 6 or more copies of a desired title. (Bookstores, please see National Distributor information below.)

You must also provide me with your contact info, business name, state business license number (in Arizona this is your Transaction Privilege Tax License, or TPT, Number), and the state for which the (TPT # applies). This way I can ensure you are a licensed business that will charge (and file) the necessary sales tax at the point of resale.
Registered non-profits are the only entities exempt from charging and filing sales tax, and they must file the appropriate forms in their state. In Arizona, this would be form 5000.

To do so, register here:

After you register at the link above, I will then email you once your registration is confirmed, and you can make your wholesale orders, through my online shop (wholesale option will be enabled once you are registered and confirmed).

Wholesale rates (50% discount):
Volume 1, 3rd edition: $20 each ($39.95 retail)
Volume 2, 2nd edition: $25 each ($49.95 retail)

Case quantities:
Volume 1: 16 books per case. Total weight 30 lbs.
Volume 2: 10 books per case. Total weight 29 lbs.
Custom cases can be created upon request with extra handling fee.

Full case prices:
Volume 1: 16 books per case, $320
Volume 2: 10 books per case, $250

Full case handling fee: $3.25.
Partial case handling fee: $3.25 for first 5 books, then $0.15 for each additional book.

Shipping & handling:
Full cases are typically shipped via UPS (we’ve found this to work best, with books arriving in best condition). Full cases are charged a lower handling fee.
Partial cases are typically shipped via U.S. Media Mail.
Select shipping method when ordering.
Free local Tucson, Arizona pick up is also available,
as is free delivery by cargo bicycle (but this only applies to businesses along Brad’s regular bicycling route).

National distributor:
While ordering directly from Rainsource Press cycles the highest percentage of your money into our efforts to create more resources on sustainable and regenerative strategies (no middle person taking a cut), you can also place your order through my national distributor, Chelsea Green Publishing Company, at (800) 639-4099 or www.chelseagreen.com.
Please note that Chelsea Green’s rates may differ from those of Rainsource Press.
All domestic wholesale bookstore orders must be placed with Chelsea Green.

For more information:
Should you need more information on my books, awards they have won, testimonials, reviews, book cover images, or free info on water harvesting, please visit my website at www.HarvestingRainwater.com. Higher-resolution book cover images for catalogs, displays, or ads are available via email upon request.

Brad Lancaster

You may also download this content in PDF format:

Rainsource Press Wholesale Ordering 2019 v2

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