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Downspout & Gutter Installation

To properly size your gutters and downspouts – see tables here.

Downspout & Gutter Sizing

Use the tables below to size your gutters and downspouts according to your catchment area and potential maximum rainfall per hour. Note: I will err on the side oversizing gutters as I want all the rain I can get when it falls.
Rainwater Harvesting

For those installing gutters and downspouts…


Gutter Systems of Southern Arizona
Installers of gutters and downspouts.
(520) 256-6736 – ask for Eric Perry
I highly recommend these folks. They’ve done great work for me.

Affordable Seamless Gutters
Installers of gutters and downspouts

Southern Arizona Rain Gutters
Installers of gutters, downspouts, and cisterns. They also have a warehouse where you can pick up the materials to install your own.

Rainwater Harvesting