Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond by Brad Lancaster

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First Flush Diverters

FloTrue International Corp

Loomis Tanks

Tank Town

Environmental Conservation Planning Pty Ltd
www.rainharvesting.com (US)
www.rainharvesting.com.au (Australia)

A clearinghouse-in-progress of all California service providers and California (and beyond) products for rainwater, greywater, storm water and black water for the residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural sectors. This includes xeriscaping and water-focused landscaping products and service providers.

For how to make a simple home-made first flush diverter see pages 8-9 of Texas Manual on Rainwater Harvesting, 3rd edition, at www.twdb.texas.gov/publications/brochures/conservation/doc/RainwaterHarvestingManual_3rdedition.pdf

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