Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond by Brad Lancaster

Watershed Restoration

United States

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New Mexico & Arizona

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Bill Zeedyk of Zeedyk Ecological Consulting, LLC
Specializing in watershed restoration, induced meandering, water-harvesting dirt roads, and workshops in all of the above.

Craig Sponholtz of Dryland Solutions
Watershed restoration, water harvesting, consulting services, educational programs and workshops.

Van Clothier of Stream Dynamics
Specializing in watershed restoration and water harvesting from dirt roads.

Ethos Rainwater Harvesting
This company, owned and operated by two native Tucsonans, provides all-inclusive rainwater and greywater systems, from design all the way to implementation, and from landscapes to cisterns.

Steve Carson of Rangeland Hands Inc
Specializing in watershed restoration services, water-harvesting dirt roads, and workshops in all of the above.

Steve Vrooman Restoration Ecology
Specializing in stream restoration, landscape-wide water management, and erosion control.

In Taos, New Mexico
Mark Schuetz of Watershed Landcare LLC
Specializing in acequia irrigation, water harvesting, surface drainage, gardens, orchards, fields, tree pruning, reforestation, forest thinning.
(505) 751-4314
(505) 770-0112


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This site is a comprehensive information center for efficiency, rainwater, graywater, stormwater and black water management, capture and reuse.  You can find Products and Services from around the state and country, links to Rebates and Incentives, a Calendar of statewide water events, Tips, Best Practices, Demonstration Projects, Films, Blogs, an Art Gallery, and much more.

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  1. Desert Green XXV

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    November 8 - November 20
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    February 28, 2022 - March 12, 2022

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The Umbrella: Summer 2020

THE UMBRELLA: A catch-all of resources, events, media, and more from Brad Lancaster In this time of Covid-19 and spending more time at home to be safe, I’ve been grateful for the solace, inspiration, and bountiful sustenance my water-harvesting gardens, landscape, and neighborhood forest has provided me, my family, friends, and neighbors. Record summer heat […]

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