Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond by Brad Lancaster

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“Planting Abundance: Alternative Water Sources for Urban Farms,” a chapter by Brad Lancaster in Sowing Seeds in the City: Ecosystem and Municipal Services, eds. Sally Brown, Kristen McIvor, and Elizabeth Hodges Snyder. Springer, 2016. pp. 78–90.

“Water Development: Reckoning with Our Most Precious and Endangered Resource,” a chapter with Brad’s writings incorporated within plus a subsection of the chapter written solely by Brad, in Real Goods Solar Living Sourcebook: Your Complete Guide to Living Beyond the Grid with Renewable Energy Technologies and Sustainable Living, 14th Edition, by John Schaeffer. New Society Publishers, 2014.

Additional writings of Brad’s

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“West Texas Water Harvesting: Capturing the Rains of Hurricane Odile,” by Brad Lancaster. Published in Permaculture Design, #100 (Water Extremes: Drought & Flood),” May 2016. pp. 3–7.
Current subscribers to Permaculture Design magazine can access the full issue containing Brad’s article here. Anyone can view the article with additional visuals as it appeared in its original form on Brad’s blog.

Fighting Water with Water: Behavioral Change Versus Climate Change,” by Valerie Strassberg and Brad Lancaster. Reprinted from Journal AWWA, Vol. 103, No. 6 (June 2011), by permission. Copyright © 2011, American Water Works Association. Permission to reproduce this document is granted for informational purposes only and does not represent or imply approval or endorsement by AWWA of any particular product or service.

“Street Orchards for Community Security”

Need a Home? Dive a Dumpster!Permaculture Drylands Journal, No. 30, Summer 1998

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