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Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Volume 2, 2nd Edition now available in E-BOOK format

I just released the new, full-color, 2nd edition of Volume 2 in eBook format.

This makes the book far more affordable for those outside the U.S., since there are no insanely costly international shipping costs.

This is also great for those who travel near and far, as it won’t take any additional physical space if uploaded to your phone, tablet, e-reader, and/or computer. I love having this book uploaded to my phone. Thus all of its incredible information and imagery is always in my pocket and right at my fingertips. And I can pull it out and get a concept across to a client, contractor, co-worker, or student at any time with one of the book’s illustrations, select the appropriate strategies for the unique site I’m working on, reference a greywater plumbing schematic, and assess an earthwork’s harvesting capacity with the handy calculations.


Bonuses in this eBook edition:
Since the eBook does not have the page limitations and paper costs of a print book, this eBook edition includes the following, which is not in the print edition:

• Full, live-linked, List of Illustrations
• Expanded calculations appendix
• Additional, revised images
• The ability to search any term, concept, or strategy in the book – far more comprehensive than a printed index

Additionally, I put a lot more time and money into the production of this eBook than most do, in order to make for a more pleasant reading experience for you. The main thing I did was relocate the images in the eBook so they appear at the end of the paragraph where they are first referenced. So the reference to an image within the text, and the image, are far more likely to appear on the same “page” of your screen.

In many eBooks where the publisher does not take as much care as I have, you need to do a lot more jumping back and forth between text and linked images (which are very often on different “pages” of the book than the text you are reading). This happens when the same layout of a print book is used for the layout of an eBook. But print books are meant to be read with two pages facing one another (where an image may be referenced in the text on one page, while appearing on the next facing page), while eBooks (read on mobile phones and tablets) are scrolled as you typically view a single “page” at a time.

So I customized the layout of my eBook for a smoother reading experience on any device — phone, tablet, or computer. I hope you enjoy the result.


To purchase and/or read the eBook edition

Please follow the links below for purchase of the eBook.
(You can also request that your local library carry both the print and eBook editions).

Note that the eBook looks great on all the eBook platforms, but I personally find it looks best on the Apple ibooks format.
In addition, Apple ibooks gives the most fair deal to self-published authors such as myself (the other eBook platforms take a comparatively massive cut and keep the majority of the profits for themselves).
Thus I’ve listed the Apple ibooks link first.

Via Apple ibooks

Via Google Play

Via Amazon Kindle


For the eBook edition of Volume 1

See here


Please consider reviewing the book(s)
For those of you who read and enjoyed the eBook(s) – please consider writing a review where you got it (Apple Books, Amazon, Google Play, etc.). Reviews help a lot in getting more awareness of, and interest in the books. And as I’m the publisher as well as the author, I really depend on you the readers to help me spread the word on the book and the practices they enable.