Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond by Brad Lancaster

Watershed Management Group w/ Brad Lancaster: Water-Harvesting Certification Course, March 13–19, 2017 — Tucson AZ

March 13, 2017toMarch 19, 2017

Water Harvesting Certification-course curriculum overview

The curriculum provides detailed instruction on water-harvesting systems, planning, design, and installation for retrofitting urban areas. The course includes:

  • In-depth site assessment and system design
  • Hands-on training workshops to install water-harvesting systems at public, residential, or commercial sites
  • Reading and homework assignments to solidify knowledge gained in hands-on workshops
  • Final exam to earn certification

Participants will learn how to:

  • Integrate water-harvesting systems with other design considerations (energy conservation, aesthetic design, food production, wildlife habitat, etc.)
  • Calculate runoff potential of catchment areas and run soil-percolation tests
  • Create a water budget and match water-harvesting systems with appropriate landscaping
  • Size, design, and build appropriate earthworks features for different applications (e.g., infiltration basins, berms, swales)
  • Design greywater systems for laundry, bathroom-sink, and bathroom-shower water
  • Construct gravity-based greywater systems from laundry-machine wastewater to irrigate landscape
  • Design, size, and install plastic cisterns
  • Design water-harvesting systems to support small-scale food production (including earthworks design, cistern design and application, and soil improvements)
  • Design all of the above systems while incorporating safety and health considerations

The Water Harvesting Design Certification course is designed and administered by WMG staff with assistance from professionals who teach and implement water-harvesting practices. Brad will lead a half-day session for this course.

Visit WMG’s website to view complete details &/or to register, or for contact info for questions.

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