Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond by Brad Lancaster

Sun Angles & Passive Solar Designs


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The Passive Solar Energy Book, by Ed Mazria. Rodale Press, 1979. Excellent. Out of print, but available from amazon.com, powells.com, and others.

Sun, Wind, and Light: Architectural Design Strategies, 2nd ed., by G. Z. Brown and Mark DeKay. William Stout Architectural Books, 2000. A pattern book illustrating passive heating and cooling strategies for a diverse array of contexts ranging from individual homes to high rises to whole towns. Highly recommended.

The Food- and Heat-Producing Solar Greenhouse, by Bill Yanda and Rick Fisher. John Muir Publications, 1980.

Effective Shading with Landscape Trees, by William B. Miller and Charles M. Sacamano. University of Arizona College of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension bulletin 188035/8835, March 1990.


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To determine your site’s latitude, look at a globe, atlas, or topographic map, or google “what is the latitude of (your town, state, country).”

Online Passive Solar Roof Overhang Analysis Tool
See the Sustainable By Design website for a great Overhang Annual Analysis Tool, which lets you visualize the degree to which a horizontal overhang shades a window throughout the year.

Solar Ovens/Cooking

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The Sunny Side of Cooking: Solar Cooking and Other Ecologically Friendly Cooking Methods for the 21st Century, by Lisa Rayner, Lifeweaver LLC, 2007. www.LisaRayner.com

Sun Ovens International, Inc.
Makers of the Global Sun Oven®, the most efficient solar oven I’ve used.

Solar Cookers International
A great organization/resource for making and using your own solar oven.

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What more meaningful way to celebrate the approaching SOLSTICE (Winter Solstice is December 21 this year in Tucson) than by engaging with, noticing, and highlighting the 23.44º tilt of the Earth? After all, this tilt is what gives us our seasonally changing sun […]

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