Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond by Brad Lancaster

Craig Sponholtz: Applied Watershed Restoration Workshops, April 2012 – NSW & QLD Australia

April 3, 2012toApril 5, 2012
April 11, 2012toApril 13, 2012
Applied Watershed Restoration Workshops with Craig Sponholtz:

3-5 April 2012, at Milkwood Permaculture Farm, Mudgee, NSW, Australia. Sponsored by RegenAg and part of the FarmReady Program.  For more information and registration, please visit: milkwoodpermaculture.com.au/courses/details/86-advanced-watershed-restoration-412-mudgee 

11-13 April 2012, at MacKenzie’s Farm, Dimbulah, Qld, Australia.  Sponsored by RegenAg and part of the FarmReady Program. For more information and registration, please visit: regenag.com/web/upcoming-courses/details/33-Applied%20Watershed%20Restoration%20Dimbulah.html

**FarmReady Approved Courses – eligible primary producers and their families may be eligible for a 65% reimbursement of course costs. See below for details.

Increase your working knowledge of passive water harvesting, erosion control and stream restoration practices with this three-day, intensive, hands-on workshop.  Applied Watershed Restoration is designed for landowners and land managers, as well as practitioners, farmers, restorationists and advanced students of Permaculture.Craig Sponholtz is a world-leading expert in watershed restoration using techniques that harness natural hydrology to self-repair riparian zones and watersheds. erosion 1
These techniques emphasize working with, rather than against, nature and will establish the foundational knowledge needed to work effectively with our most precious resource, water. Acquire the critical skills needed to recognize the root-causes of watershed problems and identify the best opportunities to make improvements.Learn how to read the landscape, assess, design, plan and implement projects that utilize runoff as a resource.  In addition, gain exposure to cutting-edge watershed restoration methods including natural channel design, induced meandering and agro-ecological restoration. zuni 1
This course will cover:

  • Watershed patterns and processes
  • Introduction to watershed restoration methodologies
  • Passive water harvesting
  • Restoration treatments and structures
  • Watershed restoration practicum

See websites for full outline…

So if you’re a land manager, land owner, or someone curious and passionate about restoring precious water soil to the landscapes of your farm or community, please join us for 3 days of unique and incredibly important knowledge that will help you heal your land…This tour is Craig Sponholtz’s first visit to Australia to share these cutting edge and very effective techniques that put watershed restoration back into the hands of those who live on the land…
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media luna

Craig Sponholtz’s Applied Watershed Restoration courses are a must. I was very impressed with the thoroughness, hands-on learning, and Craig’s deep knowledge based on years of real-life experiences. The strategies taught are simple and effective. They build on natural patterns so you work with natural processes, not against them. This way nature does the bulk of the work once the structures are in place. I highly recommend these courses for anyone working with the land and water….
~Brad Lancaster, author of Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond

Some resources to get you thinking:
Drylands Solutions Website

Let the Water do the Work – watershed restoration manual by Bill Zeedyk
Building Zuni Bowl anti-erosion rockwork at Milkwood Farm

Erosion Control Field Guide

regenagThis course is part of RegenAG’s 2012 program. RegenAG is an alliance of Australian farming families who are committed to helping regenerate Australia’s farms, soils, communities and on-farm livelihoods. For more courses like this across Australia, go to RegenAG.com

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