Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond by Brad Lancaster

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Online Rainwater Harvesting Course

October 21 - December 5


Note: Enrollment remains open until the night of October 27th.

Rainwater Harvesting Course Structure

WEEK 1 RAINWATER HARVESTING PRINCIPLES: You will share stories of people and sites that are using rainwater harvesting to enhance their lives and communities.

WEEK 2 SITE ASSESSMENT: You will discover how to analyze the rainwater resources in your climate and on your site, as well as the water requirements that you need to plan for.

WEEK 3 WATER COLLECTION STRATEGY: You will decide what features and systems to use and the reasons behind making the best choices for your site.

WEEK 4 RAINWATER HARVESTING DESIGNS: You will integrate your rainwater harvesting strategies into a wider plan that also considers the sun, plants, soils, and more.

WEEK 5 TECHNICAL SYSTEMS DETAILS: You will refine the conceptual plan you are developing to bring you closer to installing the plan on your site.

Learning Formats

You will assess your on-site rainwater resources and learn to apply a diversity of strategies to maximize their potential. This expert-led course features:

  • video lectures
  • exercises
  • assignments
  • custom made spreadsheets and templates

The course also features the work of Arizona rainwater harvesting author Brad Lancaster. Brad’s best-selling-award-winning book “Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond Volume 1″ is the textbook for the course. Brad is also the featured lecturer, alongside Andrew Millison, the course’s developer.


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October 21
December 5

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