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Suppliers of filters

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Potters for Peace
This is an organization enabling local ceramicists in Nicaragua to make low-cost ceramic water filters, sometimes known by the name of Filtron filters. Visit their website for lots of information about the filters.
www.pottersforpeace.org &

Peace by Piece Fair Trade
This organization used to sell the Filtron ceramic filter/purifier to individuals, although it currently notes on its website that “Purifiers are no longer available through Peace by Piece. Contact Potters for Piece at pottersforpeace.com for possible availability for non-profit or research institution purchases.” As of mid 2015, they list the retail price in the U.S. for a complete filter kit (bucket, lid, spigot, and imported Nicaraguan ceramic filter) as $86 plus ±$35 shipping.

Tank Town


Pump options

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To figure out the right pump for your circumstances, Nate Allen, Sustainability Coordinator of
University of Arizona Biosphere 2, found that there are four main questions you need to ask…

  1. How much pressure do you need? – Residential code usually requires 40-60psi.
  2. How much flow do you need? – How many outlets will it have to supply at once, and what are their rates of flow?
  3. When will the pump come on? – Some pumps are designed to use pressure tanks, some aren’t. This affects how often the pumps turn on and will determine a lot about the life of the pump and the noise of the pump.
  4. What’s your power source? – Irrigation typically uses 12v or 24v, and it’s nice if you can run it off your existing irrigation power. If you want to plug it straight into PV then look for a DC pump. If you just want to wire it into a household light switch and an extension cord, 120AC.

Sta-rite Dominator

A high-pressure, low-flow pump. It is recommended by Richard Jennings of Earthwrights Designs for drip irrigation systems. Richard says, “It has the motor on the top and can draw water down to 3 inches from the bottom of the tank, thus making the entire cistern usable. There are several models. People need to look at the pump curves to determine the correct model or call the local dealer. At least in this area the dealer has been extremely helpful. It is also very reasonably priced.”

Wayne Water Systems PSD 1000
A low-pressure, high-flow pump. It is recommended by Richard Jennings of Earthwrights Designs for use with a sump that collects water then pumps it up to a cistern. It is a 1-horsepower (HP) pump with a pressure switch included that turns it on and off. The pump can do 92 gallons/minute (gpm) at 5 feet of lift and 53 gpm at 20 feet. Wayne pumps have a 3-year warranty that they honor.

SQ Series Grundfos
Submersible pumps with a good reputation.

Suppliers of pumps

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Many water pumps available through this website.

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