Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond by Brad Lancaster

Ancient Passive-Solar Design


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2. Noon, summer solstice. White House ruin, Canyon de Chelly. The orientation and placement of the buildings is ideal for passive shading and cooling. The natural overhang shades out the majority of the noonday sun that sits high in the sky, while the cliff shades out the hot early-morning and late-afternoon summer sun that rises in the northeast and sets in the northwest.

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THE UMBRELLA: A catch-all of resources, events, media, and more from Brad Lancaster In this time of Covid-19 and spending more time at home to be safe, I’ve been grateful for the solace, inspiration, and bountiful sustenance my water-harvesting gardens, landscape, and neighborhood forest has provided me, my family, friends, and neighbors. Record summer heat […]

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